Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How to get sexy soft skin

How to get sexy soft skin
Sexy, soft, smooth skin not only looks good it feels good. Just a few steps here and there and you can be sexy soft in no time.
Moisture is key. Skin suffers through dry air, itchy fabrics, and all sorts of abuse every day. Even bathing can be hard on skin if it isn’t properly cared for after. Find a body lotion you love, I love St.Ives vitamin E formula. Right after you steps out of the shower and towel off use your lotion all over to seal in moisture and create a protective barrier for your skin. For extra dry patches, like elbows and feet, use body butter. Tip: to give dry feet an extra boost put on warm socks right after body butter to intensify the moisture.
Exfoliation sloths off dead skin and prepare skin for moisture. Exfoliate with an exfoliation product or exfoliating gloves at least once a week. Try adding a little baking soda or sugar to your body wash for a quick homemade exfoliate.  
To get a sexy sheen rub a little Vaseline on areas like your shoulders. This is the subtle sexy version of body glitter and will make you look more toned, which is always nice.
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