Monday, 9 January 2012

Eyeshadows, what colour is right for me?

Eyeshadows come in every colour of every rainbow ever drawn, painted, or imagined. I myself have a palette of about 120 shades plus a whole box of extra's. Of all those shadows I only really use about 7. I have brown eyes, you should know that so you know my bias. I love gold, purple, and some greens for my eyes. Sometimes I try a little blue or silver or even some pinks or browns. Let's go through some basic tips for picking the right shade for you.

They're classics for a reason
Purple and green are good for all eye colours, this is because both green and purple have warm and cool tones in them so they work with eye's that have either a warm (brown, hazel, amber) or cool (blue, grey) coloring. Saying green and purple isn't super helpful though is it, if you go to the store and look at purple eye shadows they range from sheer lilacs to dark plums. To pick a shade you wont regret consider how heavy you like to wear your make-up. If you fear looking overly made-up or you prefer a simple and subdued look i'd suggest picking a sheer light purple. If your a bright red lipstick girl then go ahead and buy that dark plum, make-up is about looking however you want too.
Green is a bit trickier then purple, purple is a safe colour because it's simple. Green is a bit riskier, it goes with almost everyones eye colour but theirs a higher risk of looking a bit halloweenish because... well.... the generic image of a witch is that of a witch with green skin like the evil witch in the wizard of oz! So start with a lime green or a dark foresty green only on the eye lid or just the outside half of the eye lid. Green mixes very well with gold btw.

What goes where?
Todays make-up aisles are full of palettes designed to make eyeshadow simple, I believe it's revlon who have a ridiculous palette that comes with a brush that applies all three eyeshadow shades at once but I find it hard to believe that would work at all. These palettes follow the basic design for eye shadow application; highlighter(a light shade) on the brow bone, a dark colour in the crease, and a colour on the eye lid. This is a good plan to follow if your new to make-up or nervous about experimentation. A good tip is putting something iridescent on your brow bone. I use gold in the crease of my eye instead of a dark colour because i have big dark eyes and then i don't always put a colour on my eye lids. Using a dark colour in the crease does work on everyone to draw attention to the eyes and gives them a bit more kick to the eye look. Almay has some great palettes designed based on eye colours.

How do I keep it in place
Eye shadows crease, fade away, and smudge. Remembered eye shadows are just colored powders/creams you put on your skin and then wash off later, so they are susceptible to not staying in place. I do have a few tips to help you out though :)

1) Translucent powder is magical! Okay it's not really magical, but it is very helpful for keeping eye shadow in place. I put it on my eyelids after I apply foundation, and then after I put on my concealer, and then I sometimes pat on some more with my finger after I put my eye shadow on. I have very sweaty eyelids so I use a lot of powder, but it works! If you don't wear foundation or have non-sweaty eyelids then just apply the powder before you put on your eye shadow.

2) Cream shadows suck! Cream shadows crease and move and ware-off much faster then powders do.

Have Fun!!!!!
Eyeshadow is about fun! I enjoy playing around with colours and trying out new looks and combinations and I think experimentation is the key to figuring out what does and doesn't work for you :)

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