Thursday, 5 January 2012

Eyebrows, the simple beauty foundation

Well-maintained eyebrows make skin look clearer, eyes like more awake, and the person appears well put together. Plucking and shaping brows is simple but often seems very complex. I will explain how to do your own eye brows right here.

But first there's a few things you will need: 

1) Tweezers, I suggest investing in Tweezerman slanted tip tweezers (Approx. $20.00 and will last 2-3 years) or Revlon slanted tip tweezers (Approx. $10.00, will last 1.5-2 years), but really you can use any slanted tip tweezer I just find that tweezerman and revlon have the best grips and so they hurt the least, plus Tweezerman's come in fun colours and patterns like leopard print.

2)An eyeliner of eyebrow pencil, any colour or brand is fine :) You can even use a lip linear. I'd suggest finding a drugstore brand brow pencil in the same colour as your eye brows, I like Mercelle waterproof eye linear in Espresso.

3) White eye Shadow, or a white eye linear. (this is optional, but very helpful especially for newbies)

4) A good workspace. Natural light, meaning from a window or outdoors in the shade, is best but if thats not an option find a spot where the lights hit you straight on or from both sides because any shadows of your face may cause you to make a mistake, the same rules apply for make-up application.

Heres what you do :):

1) Use the eye linear pencil and mark where your eyebrows should start, end, and arch.

 End: Hold the unsharpened end of the eye pencil to your nostril and angle it so that it is aligned with the outer corner of your eye on the same side (left nostril, left eye, left eye brow) and where the pencil is on your eyebrow is where it should end, if your eye brow does not reach that point then you will not need to shorten your eye brows. Use the eye pencil to mark where the eye brow should end. Do the same on the other side of your face.

Start: Now for where the eye brow should start, use some discretion here since you know your face better then I do since I've never met you, the general way to decide where your eye brow should start is to again put the unsharpened end of the eye pencil against your nostril and then align the pencil with the inside corner of your eye (left nostril, left eye, left eyebrow). If you have, lets say, a wide nose and close-set eyes (meaning your eyes sit close together) then just align the eye brow with the inner corner of your eyes. :)

Arch: To find where the eye brow should arch look straight into a mirror, the arch should be on the opposite side of your pupil as your nose, this helps to open up the eyes and make them seem larger.

Use the eye pencil to put marks where your eyebrows should start, arch, and end.

2) Use the white eye shadow to cover the hairs you plan to pluck and if you'd like use your eyebrow pencil, or eye shadow the eye linear brush, to fill in the brows as they will look after they are plucked, this is so you can make sure what hairs you'd like to pluck before plucking, because it's easier to change your mind before you pluck then afterwards lol.

3) Pluck :) Go hair by hair and take your time, pluck the hairs in the direction they grow to lower the amount of pain plucking causes. Remember to take you time.

Extra Tips:

1)  To thicken eye brows, or to re-grow hair after a scar has healed in your eye brow rub globs of petroleum jelly (vaseline) into the areas where you want growth before bed each night, it's not a sexy look but within a fews weeks you should begin seeing new hairs grow.

2) To maintain your eye brows Keep your tweezers in your make-up case or by the mirror you use everyday to check your appearance and as soon as you see little hairs popping up in the areas you plucked, pluck'em. Plucking a few hairs everyday saves you from looking like you have caterpillars under your eye brows :)

I hope you have found this piece helpful and informative and I wish you great brows :)

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